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My ramblings on Blood Bowl goblin tactics.

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Goblins, Halflings and Snotlings (Often called Ogres) are the three stunty teams in Blood Bowl. They are by far the worst races to play. So why would you want to play Goblins? First of all, it's a challenge if you want to give yourself a noticeable handicap. Secondly, they have lots of specialities and create mayhem so it can be quite a bit of fun when you're not pummeled too badly. A side effect is that you will learn to be less tied to your players.

Playing in a competative league, you are unlikely to face other stunty teams. This page discusses Goblin stragegy in an environment where you'll play the best teams and are trying to win or tie as many games as possible. It is tailored towards Cyanides Blood Bowl 2 implementation, and will thus have a few variations that is not used table top, but those differences should hopefully be small.

Goblins have inferior strength on most their players and their strong ones are very unreliable. Survivability is severely lacking, and their skill access is a joke. So much so, that skilling up goblins very quickly create TV bloat, and is often unwanted. What they do have, are a bunch of special players that people aren't used to facing. They can create quite a bit of fun, and some can be good when lucky, but all are unreliable. As goblins skill poorly, I think they will perform least badly in a low TV environment.


The roster, as available in BB2 2017.09:

QntyPositionMoSAAr SkillsValueSkill access [Double rolls]
0-2Troll4519 Loner, Always Hungry, Really Stupid, Throw Team-Mate, Regeneration, Mighty Blow 110kStr [Gen,Agi,Pas]
0-16Goblin6237 Right Stuff, Stunty, Dodge 40k Agi [Gen,Str,Pas]
0-1Pogoer7237 Stunty, Very Long Legs, Leap, Dodge 70k Agi [Gen,Str,Pas]
0-1Looney6237 Secret Weapon, Chainsaw, Stunty 40k Agi [Gen,Str,Pas]
0-1Fanatic3737 Secret Weapon, Ball & Chain, No Hands, Stunty 70k Str [Gen,Agi,Pas]
0-1Bombardier6237 Secret Weapon, Bombardier, Stunty, Dodge 40k Agi [Gen,Str,Pas]
0-1Ripper4619 Loner, Throw Team Mate, Regeneration, Grab, Mighty Blow 270k (220k*) Star player
0-1Scrappa Sorehead7237 Stunty, Very Long Legs, Leap, Dodge, Loner, Right Stuff, Sprint, Sure Feet, Dirty Player 150k (100k*) Star player
0-1Morg'n'Thorg66310 Loner, Throw Team Mate, Thick Skull, Block, Mighty Blow 430k (380k*) Star player
0-1Bomber Dribblesnot6237 Loner, Secret Weapon, Bombardier, Stunty, Dodge, Accurate 60k (10k*) Star player
0-1Fungus4737 Loner, Secret Weapon, Ball & Chain, No Hands, Stunty, Mighty Blow 80k (30k*) Star player
0-1Nobbla6237 Loner, Secret Weapon, Chainsaw, Stunty, Block, Dodge 130k (80k*) Star player

*) - If you have Nuffle altar club enhancement, you get 50k cheaper star players, which is very good for a Goblin team, which often wants to employ star players, and where opponents seldom can afford to induce star players anyhow. This is especially good after a horrifying game where your team has been mangled and you have many miss next or dead players.

Starting rosters

If legal, the Nuffle altar option below seems like a decent and fun start. It only starts with one secret weapon, but it's your best one, and you can likely induce extra when needed, especially when playing on your home field.

Safe bet

2 Trolls2 x 110= 220
11 Goblins11 x 40= 440
Looney40= 40
3 Rerolls3 x 60= 180
Total team value= 880

This gives you a 14 man roster from the start, with only one secret weapon, which you can hopefully manage to keep for most of the game with a couple of bribes. If not, you can use bribes for fouling. This is a pretty safe bet to start with.

Strength option

2 Trolls2 x 110= 220
9 Goblins9 x 40= 360
Fanatic70= 70
Looney40= 40
3 Rerolls3 x 60= 180
Total team value= 870

Sacrificing two goblins for the fanatic, gives you three high strength players which can be an issue for other starting teams. However, this leaves you only 11 players without secret weapons, which may make it harder to be able to field 11 players throughout the match.

Nuffle altar option

Club upgrade100= 100
Nuffle altar100= 100
2 Trolls2 x 110= 220
9 Goblins9 x 40= 360
Looney40= 40
3 Rerolls3 x 60= 180
Total team value= 800

If it's legal to use the club enhancement, starting with nuffles altar will give you an initially low TV you can use for inducements, and you can get star players cheap when playing on your home field. This sacrifices two goblins compared to the safe bet option, but we're hoping to use the extra inducements to induce a star player or two. Bomber Dribblesnot for 10k is dirt cheap, and Fungus The Loon for 30k is a bargain too. You can likely induce both together with 3 bribes in a home game, or at least Fungus and two bribes in an away game.

Developed league

2 Trolls2 x 110= 220
9 Goblins9 x 40= 360
Pogoer70= 70
Fanatic70= 70
Looney40= 40
4 Rerolls3 x 60= 240
Total team value= 1000

If starting a team where you are likely to face higher TV opponents from the start, you may spend all of your initial 1000k gold. This way you start with 14 man roster with your two best weapons, and all the rerolls you are likely to want to have from the start.


Goblins are the linemen of the goblin roster. They have 6 2 3 7 stats with Right Stuff, Stunty and Dodge skills to start with and just agility skill access. All for 40k cost, which sounds cheap, but is expensive compared to what you get. Team value quickly gets worse. If you manage to get a goblin to survive and roll 6+6 and 6+5 and a double for block, you could have an awesome 6 3 4 7 Block, Dodge goblin worth 160k TV having had 3 awesome skillups. That's the same as a pro elf with any two skillups, which would then be worth 100k TV.

Goblin builds

So what goblin builds are worth the added team value? (Skills are listed in ideal order, but many of the skillups require exceptional rolls so you are unlikely to get all the skills and very unlikely to get them in listed order. The list may potentially have more than 6 skills in them, as some may require exceptional rolls so you may have to live with an alternative. Skills in italics are not available on regular rolls.)

Ballhandler The pogoer is the preferred ball player, but he's only one and need a backup. As there are lots of goblins, some of them might roll more exceptional than the pogoer and thus end up better suited for the job. A double early in development for Sure Hands, or an early agility increase are both great starts for a ballhandler. Multiple good ballhandlers also simplifies a one turn touchdown by throwing a goblin. +AG, Sure Hands, Block, Catch, Diving Catch, Sure Feet, Kick-Off Return
Fouler Goblins can use their relatively low TV value, hopefully large roster and easy available bribes to foul with greater success than most other teams. You may want several foulers. Ideally they should all just have dirty player to keep their TV low, so you lose little TV when they are sent of. Sneaky git can be useful if you have foul targets but not enough assists close. Another option is to give your dirty player skills to fit some other role when he's not fouling. Bare in mind that your bribes may be reserved for keeping secret weapons in the game, so you often just have to let your player be sent of if ejected. Dirty Player, Sneaky Git
Blitzer Stunty allows a goblin to dodge into any number of tackle zones on 3+, or 2+ if it's an awesome goblin with +AG. In desperate times that can be used to try and bust a cage. Wanted skills are all exceptional ones though, so you are unlikely to have a good one. But one with just wrestle isn't that bad. A blitzer is also useful to open a hole in the opposing line if a troll isn't available for the job. +ST, Wrestle, Tackle, +AG, Sure Feet, Side Step
Catcher Catchers are useful to be able to take advantage when the ball is free. They are also useful when trying to make a one turn touchdown, especially if they have agility increase. While several catcher types are nice to have, and you can make many as there are many agility skill options, don't bloat your TV too much by giving out too much catch and/or diving catch. +AG, Catch, Sure Feet, Diving Catch
Entangler Versus agile and fast teams, it's nice to have some goblins useful to tag players that wants to dodge away to do something you don't want. This works great against catchers in scoring position, and against team heroes that they always wants to use for blitzing or other crucial activities that doesn't include just hitting the entangler. These are decent also without block and can thus be made with just regular rolls, however, don't bloat your TV by making a lot of them just because you can. Block, Side-Step, Diving Tackle


In an orc team, a troll is so unreliable, that many considers the team better without one. On a goblin team the trolls are your best assets. That says something about how reliable it is to play goblins. You should of course field both trolls, and if facing a considerably higher TV opponent, you should induce Ripper for a 3rd one.

As your goblins have inferior strength and poor survivability, the trolls serve a critical role in taking some punches, and providing some high strength to be able to hit back. They need Break Tackle to avoid enemies easily tying them down. They are notoriously unreliable and have loner to boot, so if you can get pro on them that helps considerably. Guard is useful to help assisting other high strength players on the team.

Thrower/Blitzer Morg/Ripper are better at throwing goblins due to not being stupid and always hungry. With Strong Arm and Pro, a troll becomes marginally better. As trolls are needed by goblins, and they are unreliable with loner, pro is a really good skill for them. Break Tackle, Pro, Strong Arm, Tackle, Block, Juggernaut, Grab, Piling On





Tips & tricks

Try to keep TV low, so you can induce 3 bribes and Ripper.
Goblin teams quickly get TV bloated when skilled as they have poor skill access. Fire players that bloat your TV to keep it low. (For instance goblins with 16+ SPP that hasn't rolled anything useful and don't fill a special role) Look at who you are playing next before deciding to buy something worth TV before next match. In a fresh league, you will shoot to have a couple of bribes as inducements, but as the other teams start accumulating TV you should afford Ripper too.
Use treasury surplus to get decent inducements.
As the team with the lowest TV, you get to pick inducements last, and you can use of your treasury to round your inducement up to a number where nothing is wasted. For instance if you start the game with a TV 870 team, facing a TV 1000 team, by spending 20k you can get 3 bribes that game.


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